Watertight trailer

Anais France Collection


  • 100% plastic
  • Lockable
  • Colours: Blue, red, anthracite, green and pink
  • Size: L360 W160 H125
  • Unladen weight: 220 kg
  • Payload: 280kg

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    The 3 key strengths

    - to avoid overloading
    - to protect equipment
    - to transport dirty equipment and keep your car clean


    This trailer is watertight and secure:

    - Lockable
    - Equiped for equestrian use
    - Washable interior
    - 24-Volt socket
    - Logo service
    - Wooden floor

    Made entirely in rotomoulded plastic, this trailer has a licenced unladen weight of 220kg.

    - Available in : White - Red - Anthracite - Pink - Blue and Green
    - Price for base model : €2,800 inc. VAT

    "I tow it behind my two-place horsebox. It stops me from being overloaded and protects my equipment from the horses"


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