Jump base FENCE



  • Weight: 45kg
  • Length: 1.5m
  • Height: 60cm (without brush)

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Easy to use

    An important aspect of our base is its ease of use. It consists of 1.5m modules that interlock with each other, enabling fences of any width to be constructed. Each base section weighs 45kg on its own, making it easy to move.

    The innovative concept developed by Duralock uses fully synthetic materials with no nails, screws or wooden items.

    Setting up the fences requires no tools or special equipment and the jump is ready to use straight from delivery.

    The hedge structure is hollow, the body made entirely from medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene for the impact sections.

    A 25mm thick EVA foam skirt is located on the edges of the jump base to absorb frontal impacts, especially for when a jockey is thrown to the ground.

    The (Duralock 3/4 round) impact section in flexible low-density polyethylene has been developed to protect the base, where impacts generally occur.


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