La buvette


  • Two capacities: 40L or 75L
  • Effective down to -30°C in winter
  • Polyurethane foam balls
  • 15x21 connectors attach below using pre-installed braided stainless steel hoses
  • Patented rapid full open system
  • Large Ø 100mm drain with insulated plug

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Frost protected drinkers without electricity
    2Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
    3Vidange rapide

    Our Thermolac range allows horses to drink all year round, out in pasture or stabled. These drinkers are insulated and work without insulation: the bowl is insulated through its double walls and high density polyurethane foam. The water doesn’t freeze in winter and stays cool in summer.


    Drinker frost protection without electricity, ideal indoors or outside. Works on the thermos flask principle: HDPE twin wall insulated with polyurethane foam. Water stays at 3-5°C in winter and 10-12°C in summer. They are delivered with stainless steel braided hoses, insulated sleeve and insulated floor seal. Large drains mean they can be cleaned without removing the cover. Comes in single (40L for 15 horses) or double (75L for 30 horses) versions with ball-floats. Polyurethane foam ball-floats. Float valve. Flow 36L/min at 3 bar. 



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      Our Thermolac range allows horses to drink all year round, out in...