Normandy Tube

La buvette


  • Single piece rotomoulded HDPE drinker
  • Stainless steel bowl lip
  • Two types of fitting available: tube or constant level
  • Can be connected above or below
  • Drain plug can be removed without tools
  • 80W electric heater ensures frost protection

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Designed to save space
    2Comfortable, safe drinker
    3Reliable, strong, easy to fit and maintain

    Single piece rotomoulded HDPE drinker. The height of the drinker can be adjusted to suit the animals thanks to the double-wall PE nozzle which can be cut. Designed to save space. The wall-mounting of the Normandy and nozzle, combined with the small diameter, takes up less floor-space. Also, it fits perfectly in corners thanks to its flat sides and back, leaving sliding walls free to move. 

    This drinker is made from anti-UV-treated food quality HDPE. The wide, front facing bowl provides easy access to water. The stainless steel lip discourages gnawing. The double-walled PE nozzle filled with polyurethane foam is highly impact resistant and provides initial insulation to the water supply pipes. The fittings have a stainless steel protective cover to keep them hidden from the animals. An 80W electric heater element (electric frost protection kit for bowl and fittings) prevents the drinker from freezing.


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      Single piece rotomoulded HDPE drinker. The height of the drinker can be...