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  • Economical on water (thanks to recovery and less watering)
  • Bearing capacity, consistency and comfort of the working surface
  • Versatility; adapts to all levels and disciplines
  • For schools and arenas
  • Optimal management of moisture level
  • Consistent mechanical and sporting properties year round

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The 3 key strengths
2Savings on water

AquaTrack® is a latest generation, patented equestrian flooring soil, ideal for equestrian schools and arenas

AquaTrack® equestrian soil uses the principle of a sealed “reservoir structure”. The working surface is essentially kept damp by capilliary action. The AB Track Silver® working layer is made of a microsand with strictly controlled grain size and AB TEX® synthetic fibres. The height of groundwater in the school is regulated by an external regulation ring, with inspection hatch and a draining geocomposite, which allow the water level to be adjusted.

AquaTrack® is flooring for school and arenas. Ideal both inside and outdoors.

AquaTrack equestrian flooring has 3 advantages:

1 - Water saving -> 15 times less watering in dry periods
2 - Ground quality -> Comfortable, springy, flexible
3 - Versatility of use -> the same floor can be used for leisure or competition use


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    AquaTrack® is a latest generation, patented equestrian flooring soil,...