confortable mattress



  • Mattress in rubber with foam core,
  • Size : 180cm*240cm (standard model) or 240cm*280cm (large model)
  • Thickness : 45mm (standard model) or 50mm (large model) of thickness
  • Weight : 76kg (standard model) or 87kg (large model)
  • Optimal comfort
  • Very good insulation

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    The 3 key strengths
    3saving in litter

    Product looking an optimal comfort : The horse sleeps even if there is no bedding. Easily movable (it can follow into the field shelter or in competition), very good insulation, saving in bedding (requires a minimum of bedding to absorb urine), safe : the horse doesn't injure itself in the concrete, the mattress is also suitable for horses with horseshoes.


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