Destrier power save



  • HFU: 0.88  HDCP: 90g
  • Crude fat: 6% of which 15g/kg crude omega 3
  • Crude fibre: 15%
  • Selenium: 0.35mg/kg of which 0.15mg Selenium yeast
  • Vit A: 10,000 UI, Vit E: 158 mg, natural Vit E: 158mg
  • Available in 25kg sack, 450kg carton and in bulk

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    The 3 key strengths
    1High energy
    2Safe digestion
    3Manages effort

     What makes Power Save innovative is its composition that ensures management of high-energy needs whilst guaranteeing digestive and muscular safety:

    Concentrated energy enabling equine athletes to express their full potential
    Prevents digestion problems through using live yeast, prebiotic fibre and apple pectin.
    Prevents muscle problems (myositis, tying up) and ensures good recovery thanks to low starch content, high levels of fat, fibre and a powerful combination of antioxidants.
    Provides raw ingredients in their most digestible and palatable form


    Destrier Power Save is a supplementary feed to go with fodder. It is made according to strict specifications that selects raw ingredients for their nutritional and bacteriological properties.
    This is a multi-ingredient feed with flaked cereals plus extruded and pelleted raw ingredients.
    This high energy feed complements the natural physiology of digestion, and provides the high energy intake required by the most active horses as safely as possible.

    Manufactured with a GOLDEN guarantee – free from all doping substances.


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