LAD Training Courses

MFR Vimoutiers


  •  Training course in horse-related professions
  • CAPA LAD Trainee Rider
  • LAD Driver and LAD Jockey
  • Sandwich course (alternate college and apprenticeship placement)
  • Practical training provided by the college
  • Successful professional employment

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    The 3 key strengths
    2Supervision and monitoring
    3Professional employment

    With the arrival of the CAPA LAD trainee rider vocational qualification, we are the only educational establishment offering 4 French level V and VI diploma courses. With this new course, we can ensure training that is diverse, meets the needs of professional trainers in our area, and promotes professsional employment among our students.

    From French equivalent school year 10 to HNC/NVQ and agricultural vocational training, we provide courses that meet the needs of the industry and help find the right career.


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