The Stableizer



  • Applies pressure to precise points on the horse’s head
  • Alternative to a twitch or anaesthetic


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    The 3 key strengths
    1Many situations
    2Relaxes the horse
    3Any type of horse

    The UDDERLY EZ Stableizer applies pressure to precise points on the horse’s head: behind the ears and under the upper lip. The pressure draws the attention of the horse away from other parts of the body that require treatment.

    It has been shown that such pressure generates endorphines, which help to relax the horse.

    The Stableizer can be used on foals, yearlings or adult horses.

    The Stableizer can be used in many situations: loading into a horsebox or trailer, carrying out treatment, placing in an insemination stall, training (either mounted or on a lunge) or when being treated by the farrier or vet.

    Although field testing shows that the Stableizer mostly works first time, some animals require at least two uses before it works best. It is imported into France by EQU’IMPORT.


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