FLEXINEB Equine Inhaler



  • Nortev proprietory technology
  • Universal power supply
  • User guide
  • Practical storage bag

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    The 3 key strengths
    2Cleaning and disinfecting
    3Comfort and adjustment

    Flexineb™ is a portable equine nebuliser and inhaler that is very simple and quiet to use. It operates without a noisy compressor or cumbersome pipes and tubes.

    Flexineb™ uses Nortev proprietary technology and is fully portable, providing over 3 hours’ use between charges of the lithium battery.

    • Medications: The Flexineb system from Nortev is designed to nebulise particles of the correct size from a wide range of medications, including corticosteroids, bronchodilators, antibiotics and saline solution. The Flexineb system can also be adapted for use with dosage measuring devices.

    • Cleaning and disinfecting: Simply wash in warm, soapy water. Disinfecting is equally easy, using cold sterilisation methods.

    • Volume of medication: A standard 10ml container is supplied. An additional extension 20ml container is provided for a total volume of 30ml. The container should be emptied of all medication after every treatment.

    • Comfort and adjustment: Flexineb adapts comfortably to the horse’s nose thanks to the flexibility of the materials. A lever adjusts the outlet valve, enabling the user to override the valve either for easier breathing or to facilitate deep inhalation into the lungs.

    • Visibility: The transparent aerosol enables the user to view the fogging generated by the Flexineb technology, as well as the breathing of the horse emptying the aerosol and taking in the fine fogged particles.

    • Accessories: System accessories include a universal power supply for charging the internal battery, as well as a user guide and a highly practical storage bag.


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