• Comes as a powder
  • Containers of 1.5 to 7 kg
  • Seaweed-based products
  • Seaweeds chosen according to their properties
  • Specific formulations for horses
  • Eliminates muscle toxins 

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Tested products
    2Innovation in treatment
    3Approved Performance

    The leading range in France and worldwide, of specialist seaweed-based seawater equine athlete treatments for preparation and recovery.

    Creation of a range with specific formulations in response to the competition calendar:

    - EQUIALGUES DYNAMIS'SPORT for horse fitness training,
    - EQUIALGUES DRAIN'SPORT for recovery
    - or EQUIALGUES COMPETITION during competition

    Every product in the EQUIALGUES range comes as a powder for mixing with hot water, to be applied all over the horse in stressed or tight areas.

    The horse is then completely covered in a biodegradable film (better for the environment) and a fleece blanket to allow the active ingredients to penetrate and take effect.

    After the appropriate time, the poultice is removed either under a shower, or with a sweat-scraper and hot water.

    Products are chosen according to the sporting schedule of the horse (preparation or recovery).


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    • Equialgues

      The leading range in France and worldwide, of specialist seaweed-based...