• Preparation & and physical recovery of the horse
  • Treatments administered at home
  • Products come in the form of seaweed powder
  • Used in combination with manual therapies
  • Applied as an enveloping poultice
  • Eliminates lactic acid and muscle tension

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Supports effort
    2Effective results

    Founded in 2010 at La Baule, EQUITHALASSO is the leading specialist in France for including equine algotherapy in the fitness training of the horse as a natural, non-doping technique.

    The term "enveloping equine algotherapy" was also created by EQUITHALASSO. This technical procedure had never been used before.

    A special regime schedule has been introduced in order to obtain the expected results in terms of physiological recovery from effort (application duration, heat, consistency, etc.).


    These seawater treatments can be administered at home (at stables), at the competition venue or at a hydrotherapy treatment centre.

    Introducing a sports therapy regime using seawater therapy, not only includes algotherapy treatments, but also manual therapy: seaweed massages, stretching, etc. to restore the horse to fitness.

    A thalassso treatment fitness training schedule is drawn up with the rider in order to select the products to be used: relaxing muscle tension, eliminating muscle toxins, toning the horse for an intense sporting schedule.



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