Comfort type breeding mount



  • Side collection (Specify right or left)
  • Polyurethane coated
  • Grey finish
  • Mounted on a galvanised, hydraulic monopod base
  • Min. height: 140cm
  • Max. height: 160cm

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  • Hippolia Label

The 3 key strengths
1Mounted on galvanised, hydraulic monopod base
2Built in foreleg supports


These mounts can be fitted to a shock-absorbing kit offering greater flexibility of movement, improving the comfort of the stallion.

The comfort type mount is fitted with a hydraulic base allowing the height to be adjusted.


Using a breeding mount to collect sperm from a stallion, without using a mare, reduces the risk of accidents and ensures perfect hygiene. The shape of the Technibelt mount places the stallion naturally in a stable and comfortable position to facilitate the procedure. 


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