Equiphysio Formation



  • The first training in physiotherapy and algatherapy,
  • Innovation in the physical preparation of horses,
  • Alliance between thalassotherapy and massage technics,
  • Research, quality of knowledge, expertise,
  • 675h of theory and practice during 1 year,
  • Well known and highly qualified speaker

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    The 3 key strengths

    The follow-up of horses in stable or in competition thanks to aslection of innovative manual technical combined with thalasso care created by Equithalasso.

    Accompany support horses'sport careers through men and women highly qualified in physio and massotherapy is essential to make durable the performance in the best physical conditions.

    Physical well-being for well-being. 

    Equiphysio offers a complete mental program realized in collaboration with vets, which do his proof in the ground next to competition horses. 

    A very big part of the program is dedicated to anatomy and physiology is offered with an original teach method which enables the understand of home'function as a whole with the objective to improve athletic performances. 

    The teaching tool, a reasoning protocol, a manual technical and a follow-up of knowledge by a professional staff allow at intern to consolidate the know and to progress in full safety.


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