• Supplement
  • Adapted for competition and transport-related stress
  • Does not affect sporting performance
  • New formula
  • 1L container

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Stress management
    2Innovative ingredient

    Where stress is concerned, it has been shown that stimulation of cognitive functions, for instance through the use of certain plants, can help in overcoming stressful events, enabling better adaptation and lower intensity of stress, thus breaking the vicious circle.

    Taking this recent progress into account, Zzen has been reformulated: now enriched with Bacopa, higher levels of tryptophan and vitamin B6, it still contains magnesium and vitamin B1; all nutrients used in greater quantities by anxious horses

    ZZEN has been formulated by Laboratoires AUDEVARD to provide additional nutritional support to horses undergoing treatment for excessive stress and restlessness. 

    It is particularly effective during competition periods for stress relating to transport, training or changes of environment, as well as for horses in intensive learning phases such as young horses being broken. 

    It is important that ZZEN treatment should begin at least 2 weeks before important deadlines. 


    Mathilde F


    Produit super !
    Il fonctionne vraiment bien.

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        Where stress is concerned, it has been shown that stimulation of...