• Fibre Flaked feed
  • Available in 22 kg bag
  • Optimal Use-By-Date: 12 months

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The 3 key strengths
1optimum pH
2mucosa protection
3digestive floral preservation

Ulcer is one of the most common disease in working horses. Dynavena has developed a specific feed to minimise the likelihood of ulcers. This flaked feed for working horses contains Alfalfa fibres and a complex of phytoactives, prebiotic fibres and clay to maintain an optimum pH of the stomach, to protect mucosa and to preserve the digestive flora. The effectiveness of Dynavena Activ'Protect has been proven with a test lead on 23 working horses during 60 days in partnership with Agrial and the Saint-Roch vet clinic. 

Dynavena Activ'Protect is a fibre flaked feed highly digestible, complement of hay or grass and dedicated to working horses. This feed minimizes the likelihood of ulcers.


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