Destrier open fibre

Destrier open fibre



• HFU 0.75 HDCP 81g
• Crude fat : 3.4%
• Crude fibre : 17%
• Selenium 0.17 mg of which 0.8 mg Selenium yest
• Vit A 8 400 UI, Vit E 55 mg, natural Vit E 55 mg

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    The 3 key strengths
    1gastric confort
    320% long fibres

    The innovation of Destrier Open Fibre is the mix of long fibres of alfalfa with falked feed. It favors the chewing and reduce speed of food intake.

    The fibres limit the adicification of the gastrointestinal track and protect against the development of gastric ulcers.

    Destrier Open fibre is a stand feed for adult horse practising a low intensive physical activity. To have a constant quality, Destrier feeds are formulated and made according to very precise specification , ....

    Destrier Open fibre contains alfalfa mixed with flaked feed. This feed is a supplement of fudder, it cannot substiture the totally.

    Destrier Open fibre is to distribute at least 1 hour before the ration of concentrated feed unless the horse has it at will.


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