Destrier intégral

Destrier intégral



  • • HFU  0.70 HDCP 67g
  • • Crude fat : 3.3%
  • • Crude fibre :  20.8%
  • • Selenium 0.10 mg of which 0.05 mg selenium yest
  • • Vit A 5 040 UI, Vit E 33 mg, natural Vit E 33 mg

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Banlanced mix
    2Ready for use food
    3Wishout dust

    The innovation of Destrier Integral is its composition of food which cover the entire nutrinnal needs of horses with low activity.

    Destrier Integral complete food compound of flaked food alfalfa intended for the grown-up horses having a little intense physical activity, immobilized or convalescent.

    Ready for use, this feed is made according to very precise specifications, from plant and mineral raw materials strictly selected on their nourishing and bacteriological characteristics.

    Complete feed, Destrier Integral is compound of flaked food and alfalfa. Is is reserved for adult horses with a low intensive physical activity, immobilized or recorvering.


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