Balsamic Control



  • Respiratory comfort
  • Horses that live in a dusty environment
  • Young race horses in training
  • Non-doping
  • 1kg tin or 5kg bucket
  • Respiratory comfort

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Concentrated formula
    2Respiratory comfort

    In dust-rich environments, the respiratory needs of horse tend to increase. 

    BALSAMIC Control’s new formula was specially selected for daily respiratory management ; it includes an unusual combination of 4 ingredients (nigella, lemon, eucalyptus and garlic) carefully selected by our experts.

    Users like this plant-based formula, stripped of any ingredients that could return a positive doping test, which means it can be used long-term, making it practical for horses that live in a dusty environment (with pollen, mould, etc.).

    BALSAMIC CONTROL is a feed supplement produced by Laboratoires AUDEVARD. It was designed to providetargeted nutritional support for horses living in dusty environments (pollen, mould, etc.) and young racehorses in training.

    BALSAMIC Control should be given over a period of ½ to 2 months to be repeated if required. If necessary BALSAMIC Control may be given for the entire time the horse is exposed to the dusty environment. 

    Average daily amount (1 measure):

    • Garlic: 1.5g
    • Nigella: 2.49g
    • Eucalyptus: 2.49g
    • Lemon: 2.49g


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