My bespoke pack



  • Bespoke pallet 80X120cm max height 235cm
  • Pallets weigh between 360Kg and 450Kg
  • Chipping, flax or mixed bedding, 20kg sack
  • Pellet or flaked feed for all uses, 25kg sack
  • Wrapped hay, 20Kg sack
  • e.g.: 6 sacks each of bedding+forage+feed = 1 pack = 1 month/horse

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  • Hippolia-Equidia Special Offer

The 3 key strengths
1Pack of 18 sacks
2Fast delivery
3Little storage space required: 1m² floorspace

Thanks to this new, highly practical service, make life easier by making up the packs of products you need, even small quantities.

Choose what goes into the 18 sacks in your delivery pack from the wide range of Bedding, Feed and Fresh Forage.

Order at with 48-72 hour delivery anywhere in France. 

My bespoke pack at

To make up an 18-sack bespoke pack, choose from a wide range of bedding (Copolit: 100% white de-dusted chippings, Linolit: 100% de-dusted flax waste, Copolin: 50% chippings, 50% flax, 100% de-dusted and CleanBox: 100% large chippings, 100% de-dusted) and feeds (Leisure, sport, breeder, Privilege and Nutritional ranges from Lambey).

Delivery in 48-72 hours anywhere in France.


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