Customisable Antarès Helmet



  • Safety Approved
  • Customisable to suit your mood
  • Interchangeable headbands
  • Precious hide headbands

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The 3 key strengths
1Maximum customising
2Precious hides
3Maximum safety

The opportunity to customise your helmet as you choose using your favourite colours, those of your stable, sponsors, etc.

The helmet headband and triangle are interchangeable!
As well as the chance to have an entirely bespokehelmet, it is also possible to have headbands in precious hides or to use Swarovski gems on the leather inserts!

All this without compromising rider safety!


The Antarès riding helmet keeps its innovative edge over competitorsthrough its unique ability to change style at will by changing the headband and with it the logo.

This means a rider can use the helmet with a standard headband while working at home then, when competing, the headband can be changed so the helmet matches the rider or stable’s colours!

New headbands have just been introduced in precious hides including shagreen and salmon!


laurence b

casque Antarès

elegance alliée a la sécurité

    delhaye f

    Le confort

    J'ai pue testée ce casque, je peux vous l'avouez.... je l'adore !!!!
    le confort et la sécurité de casque est vraiment là.

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