Felt saddle pad

Atelier pravins


  • Natural felt saddle pad
  • Show-jumping type
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Orthopedic foam
  • Maximum opening over withers

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Absorbs shocks
    2Spreads presssure

    This felt saddle pad was specially developed with international show-jumpers. It combines natural felt for absorbing shocks and orthopedic foam for spreading pressure. This saddle pad provides unmatched protection for your horse’s back whilst staying in close contact 

    Nothing can match natural felt for a saddle pad…

    This felt saddle pad was designed with the help of international show-jumpers.

    Its ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the panels of the major brands of show-jumping saddles. The front section is very open to leave the horse’s withers free and place your saddle in the best possible position.

    Leather-covered orthopedic foam covers the compression points, absorbing pressure and distributing the effort over the horse’s back.

    This felt saddle pad offers the perfect compromise between comfort and control (2 natural felt pads, each 4mm thick and with a density of 0.3 g/cm²)  keep you in close contact with your horse.

    This felt pad comes with a handle for precise positioning with maximum opening over the withers. 

    If your horse has very muscular withers, we can make a bespoke pad for you with specially adapted foam layers either side of the withers (select: "reinforced withers" for the article), similarly, we offer specific reinforcement for horses with a slightly hollow back (select: "reinforced loin" for the article) enabling you to place your saddle in the best possible position on your horse’s back.


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