• Reins with sliding hand-holds
  • Innovative materials: strap made from TPU and biothane
  • Size horse/pony

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Makes riding easier
    2New teaching method
    3Sales tool

    The EQUIDRIVE concept is based on 3 tools:

    1) A technical tool: reins with adjustable hand-holds
    2) A learning tool: figurines teach horse-riding rapidly
    3) A sales tool : the EQUIDRIVE concept is highly marketed, user organisations are endorsed and given many communication/promotion tools: brochures, diplomas, badges, wristbands, etc.

    These reins provide solutions to 5 major problems with traditional reins:

    1) Correct grip position straightaway thanks to the position marker
    2) Balanced and managed adjustment thanks to the colours and graduations on the reins
    3) Sideways movement problems are solved thanks to the red and green handles
    4) Safety problems are solved: reins no longer slip from your hands, the reins are attached to the saddle, so they can no longer fall to the floor
    5) Muscle tension problems: riders relax; no longer any need to hold reins tightly to avoid them slippping


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