Bespoke Antarès Jump Saddle



  • Only on bespoke jump saddles
  • Calfskin/buffalo leather logo: brown, black, navy, fucshia or grey 
  • Precious hide logos: pink, brown, black or navy shagreen
  • Stiffens the top of the flap
  • Used to route stirrup strap
  • Does not prevent easy strap fastening

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    The 3 key strengths
    2Bespoke saddle
    3Stirrup strap eye

    The finish is both stylish and technical for our riders’ benefit. Available in different coloured leather or precious skins such as shagreen (also in several colours), this adds the distinction our saddles deserve.

    The location of the logo not only routes the stirrup strap in an unusual way, but also stiffens the top of the flap, as demanded by some riders. Fastening the straps remains as easy as ever.


    The Antarès jump sadddle is designed for sport, combining all the performance criteria demanded by top level riders.

    The supple leather and panel design provide maximum comfort for horse and rider.
    If properly maintained, an Antarès saddle is a lifetime purchase



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