Anatomical snaffle bridle

CWD France


  • Comfort
  • Technically advanced
  • Double noseband
  • Fine foam under headpiece
  • Buckled cheekpieces
  • Removeable noseband

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    The 3 key strengths
    2Technically advanced

    This bridle provides optimal comfort thanks to the fine foam under the headpiece. Innovative, wide cut allows great poll and ear movement and relieves pressure.

    > The combination of leather and calfskin adds an attractive touch.

    Optimal comfort thanks to a combination of leather, very fine highly absorbant foam under the headpiece and a double noseband. The wide cut and shape of the headpiece allow free movement of the ears and reduce pressure across the poll.
    An attractive product thanks to its buckled cheekpieces, embroidered white motif and removable noseband.
    A high quality product using a combination of leather and calfskin.
    Reins sold separately


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