Hippolia-Equidia Life Special Offer


1. Promotion of your product with the Equidia fan club: The consumer test plays a direct role in the promotion of the product or service with fans of Equidia

2. Equidia Club: 4,694 likes on Facebook

3. Consumer test : The business receives anonymised, qualified responses about the proposed project for analysis and marketing purposes.

4. Promotion of labelled and stamped products by Pôle Hippolia: via the Hippolia Showroom and events at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy.

    The concept

• The Hippolia - Equidia Life Special Offer is awarded to innovative or new products and serviceslisted on the Hippolia Showroom website
• The promotion is exclusively availableto Pôle Hippolia members
• The promotion status is awarded by members of the Equidia fan club via the Equidia Club website
• The stamp logo can be used on all your promotional communications for your products
• Use of the Hippolia - Equidia Life Special Offer is reserved for organisations with at least one product or service listed on the Hippolia Showroom site