This label is awarded to innovative projects endorsed by the competition cluster (Pôle de compétitivité) (.

Le Pôle Hippolia awards labels to 4 major categories of project:

• Innovative joint projects / such as the Single Inter-Ministerial Fund (FUI)
• Academic projects (whether joint or individual)
• Innovation projects either by companies of individuals (whether joint or individual)
• “Industry-level” innovation projects.

These may be research and/or development projects.

Projects should result – in the short, medium or long term – in knowledge, products, services or procedures that help improve competitiveness in the equine industry and/or related businesses.

They may be run by companies, research and training centres or individuals.

Why get your project labelled?

• To take advantage of the support offered by Pôle Hippolia in setting up the project
• To trial your project with industry experts and get their advice
• To get access to targeted finance
• To improve the credibility of the project in the eyes of future partners and customers
• To raise awareness of and promote the project in the equine industry and with partners of the cluster.

For more information about the labelling process, visit ourwebsite.