Hippolia Showroom: The concept

Set up at the initiative of the Pôle, Hippolia Showroom is the website for exhibiting innovations and new products and services developed by businesses in the equine industry. Its aim is to promote the products and services of Pôle members in a mutually-beneficial way divided by product ranges and clusters. Hippolia Showroom will be translated into English to provide international visibility.

  • Equidia Life is in partnership with the initiative and is contributing to its success.


How it works:


  • What can be listed on the site:

- Products and services resulting from projects endorsed by the Pôle
- Innovative products and services
- New products on sale for no more than < 2 years

  • This listing includes:

- Visuals (photos and video)
- A description and appraisal of the innovation

  • When clicked on, a link redirects to the commercial site that handles sales. A business can be registered inone or more sections



• Partnership with Equidia Life: introduction of a Special offer + promotion of products and services on Equidia Club and Facebook
• Introductory Offer: free listing of your products and services until June 2014.
• Appraisal of products and services: promotion at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy thanks to a Hippolia Showroom stand and an Equidia prize.
• Free listing: for all products and services resulting from projects endorsed by the Pôle Hippolia.


To download the Hippolia Showroom description and specifications, click here