General Terms and Conditions of Sale


This contract is applicable to all bodies that have paid for and requested one or more products to be listed on the Hippolia Showroom website (, henceforth known as “the site”, owned by Pôle Hippolia, registered at 6, avenue du Maréchal Montgomery 14000 CAEN.


1.1 Aim

Pôle Hippolia grants the right to list one or more products on the site to the body, under the conditions laid down below and for the period specified in this contract. On this basis, the body will enjoy the benefits of the initial offer specified on the registration form attached to these general terms and conditions of sale.

1.2 Duration

This contract is valid for a fixed period beginning from the moment when the product or products involved appear online, until the end of the quarter concerned. The undertaking to list products on the site renews automatically with annual invoicing. At the end of each quarter during which a product is listed, the body can decide to continue with the contract, to terminate it or to introduce modifications.

1.3 General Terms and Conditions

Any acceptance to exhibit on the site implies full compliance by the body with these Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Pôle Hippolia Charter. No contradictory document may be used by the body. Any modification or reservation whatsoever made by the body to this contract or signed documents will be considered null.

By signing this contract, the body accepts all instructions included within it as well as all those made necessary by new or particular circumstances. Furthermore, the body undertakes to comply with all current legal and regulatory requirements.

Pôle Hippolia alone decides which categories of people or bodies are approved to exhibit on the site, as well as the terms used to describe the products and sevices exhibited. It is expressly noted that only members of Pôle Hippolia are authorised to exhibit products and services on the site. In accordance with French data protection legislation of 6 January 1978, any body on which personal information is stored may request that Pôle Hippolia sends this information to them and corrects it where necessary.


All requests for listings on the site are subject to initial scrutiny by Pôle Hippolia, which is the only body authorised to approve such requests. Notification of acceptance is given in an e-mail sent from a Pôle Hippolia address ( Pôle Hippolia reserves the right to reject any participation request either temporarily or permanently. Pôle Hippolia is not required to justify the decisions it makes concerning requests for listings on the site.

Reasons for rejection may include failure to provide all required information, failure to provide payments or guarantees required by Pôle Hippolia, incompatibility of the body making the request or its products or services with the aim, spirit or image of the site, the financial status of the body, a proven state of insolvency.


3.1 Payment for listing

All prices appearing on documents issued by Pôle Hippolia or on the site are expressed in Euros, exclusive of tax. In compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to goods and services, prices will be subject to Value Added Tax at the current rate.

Payments of sums contractually owing will be made on the dates and by the methods agreed. Payments must be made in Euros to Pôle Hippolia.

3.2 Release and Cancellation

Signature of this contract constitutes a firm, binding and irrevocable commitment. Any cancellation will entitle Pôle Hippolia to invoice for termination compensation equal to the full price of the listings concerned. Sums paid by the body for listing one or more products on the site will remain the property of Pôle Hippolia


Pôle Hippolia designs the architecture of the site and decides where the listed products and services will be placed. Pôle Hippolia may decide on a maximum size by type of product or service and or a maximum number of listed bodies. In order to take into account the specific nature of the site, Pôle Hippolia reserves the right, regardless of any body, to modify the location of products and services listed, or to create and remove pages.

Acceptance of a product for listing confers no right to the body to a particular location on the site. Where necessary, Pôle Hippolia reserves the right to modify the architecture of the site, graphic chart, and terms used for listed products and services as many times as it deems necessary in the interest of the site, at any time and without obligation to warn the body.

In the interests of clarity, the rights conferred on the body in its capacity as a member of Pôle Hippolia, apply only to the context of the site, in relation to exhibiting and/or selling its products and services.


Where total closure of the site occurs, regardless of the cause, Pôle Hippolia and the body agree in advance that they will not be obliged to carry out the terms of the contract.

Where there is a partial closure of the site, such as for maintenance, closure of one or more categories, etc., for whatever reason, the body agrees in advance that Pôle Hippolia will not be obliged to fulfil its obligations as laid down in this contract, without prejudice to the rights of the body resulting from the partial closure of the site.


This contract is strictly limited to the body with which Pôle Hippolia has entered into the contract due to the particular persons involved and the guarantees they were able to offer. Consequently, the rights are approved for the body and none other.


This Contract is governed by French law. The Court at Caen will therefore have exclusive jurisdiction. Before appearing before this court of litigation, both parties will seek amicable solutions.