EquuRES Label

Conseil des Chevaux


  • The environmental label for the equine industry
  • Saving water, energy and bedding
  • Staying ahead of regulatory requirements
  • An innovative label: first of its kind
  • A label that brings structure to the industry
  • Monitoring and support by the Equine Council

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  • Hippolia Label

The 3 key strengths
1The Environment

The EquuRES label is the environmental quality brand specifically adapted for businesses in the equine industry. It is governed by the principle of continual improvement. It comprises an equine activity environmental impact assessment tool, based on benchmarks produced throughout the R&&D phase of the project. It provides structure to the industry, as it proposes a single quality symbol covering all sectors: racing, sport, leisure, etc. Its method of governance, involving all stakeholders (professionnals and environmental protection agencies) is equally innovative.                        

Energy saving, flow-management, conserving resources and biodiversity, quality of soil, water and air, these are all issues for which the EquuRES label offers solutions. The EquuRES label covers 9 topics and 105 criteria for assessing the environmental impact of equine activities. It was designed first and foremost as a tool to help farms. Beyond recognition of a high level of environmental quality, the label puts forward a whole approach and support that offers businesses a guided path to progress by combining rigorous management with a quest for quality.


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