Cross-breeding Programme

Groupe France Elevage


  • Cross-breeding simulation
  • Describe your mare
  • Choose a stallion 
  • Improve phenotypical compatibility
  • Improve the quality of our horses 

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  • Hippolia Label

The 3 key strengths

Process enablingmaximum support for the breeder

The aim is to make clearer the breeder’schoice of stallion through an initial phase where he provides as full and accurate a description of his mares as possible, then a second phase where he chooses the characteristics he wishes to change in the next generation - in other words, the foal.

Using specially developed software, the GFE can then suggest suitable stallions to its customers purely based on sporting performance through improving morphology and the musculo-skeletal system.

The description phase looks at morphology, the musculo-skeletal system, natural manner of jumping and behaviour at the stud and at work.

The review phase questions what the breeding hopes to achieve: the same characteristics obviously cannot be expected from a foal that is to be sold after weaning, as a three-year-old, or kept by the owner.


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