• Features addressing the needs of Equestrian Centres
  • Significant time-saving on everyday management (around 3 hours per week)
  • Better communication with riders (they can book lessons and pay bills online)
  • Accessible from mobile devices.
  • Prices vary between €30 and €45 / month
  • Online updates uploaded twice a month

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Many features
    2Simple to use
    3Huge timesavings on everyday management

    Equimondo is developed as full web (saas). This technology is the future of computing and evolves according to users’ needs. Equimondo is constantly updated with new features whilst remaining easy to use.

    This is a high-quality technical service!

    Equimondo develops management software for Equestrian Centres and private stables. There are versions for racing stables, farriers, equine osteopaths, equine dentists.

    The goal is to automate all the everyday management tasks for a business through a single interface. Our software offers easy-to-use turnkey solutions, with no need for training, aimed at all types of organisation (from 10 to 900+ licences).


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    • Equimondo

      Equimondo is developed as full web (saas). This technology is the future...