Michel Vaillant


  • Module 1: The hoof and pastern area
  • Module 2: The fetlock area, metacarpal and tendons
  • Module 3: The posterior region: hoof, pastern, fetlock, metatarsal, tendons and hock
  • Module 4: The proximal thoracic limb (from the carpal joint to the shoulder)
  • Module 5: The proximal pelvic limb (from the tarsal joint to the hip)
  • Module 6: The axial regions (neck, back and pelvis)

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The 3 key strengths
1Ongoing training
2Programmes in 6 modules
3Diploma course

Michel Vaillant set up the KINESIC, the the 1st ongoing training course in anatomy, biomechanics and therapeutic shoes.

Michel Vaillant has always been heavily involved in the training of farriers. We are now proud to present our most significant project to date in this field: KINESIC (the Kinesitherapic Equine Shoeing International Course), the 1st ongoing training course in anatomy, biomechanics and therapeutic shoeing for farriers and vets.

This course is over 3 years and is structured in 6 modules of 2 days each. It is taught entirely by Prof. Jean-Marie Denoix (DVM - PhD – Associate). The course is held at CIRALE in Normandy (location: 14430 Dozulé).

The aim of the course is to provide farriers and vets with a more in-depth knowledge of how horses move and the technical resources for remedying movement-related anomalies through the use of therapeutic horseshoes (the concept of therapeutic shoeing is the result of many biomechanical studies carried out over the last 2 decades, demonstrating that anatomical, joint and tendon conditions can be independently treated by modifying the balance of the hoof from front to rear or side to side).

This ongoing training course is open to all French or foreign farriers (with a BTM qualification or a minimum of 5 years in business or practising) or established or employed vets qualified to practise. The course will be given in French, but some knowledge of English will be required as the course study aids are mainly in English.

Each module will tackle particular descriptive and functional aspects of anatomy and biomechanical data for the areas under consideration. The main bone, joint and tendon afflictions will be presented and their rational treatment using the appropriate therapeutic shoe will be proposed and discussed. Clinical cases documented with videos and precise diagnosis using current medical imaging techniques are a further part of the training.

The total cost of the course is €4,186 inc. taxes (€3,500 ex. taxes) spread over the three years. As Michel Vaillant is classed as a “training organisation”, farriers can request financial support from FAFCEA. The course culminates in a final exam. Candidates must have followed all modules without exception in order to take the exam.


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    Michel Vaillant set up the KINESIC, the the 1st ongoing training course...