Epidemiological Monitoring Network



  • Ensuring the monitoring of equine diseases from a health perspective
  • Developing a network for vets 
  • Rapid collection of epidemiological data
  • Managing healthcare crises excluding notifiable diseases
  •  A warning network and the establishment of a crisis unit
  • Warning health authorities

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The 3 key strengths
3Distribution and warning

RESPE is theleading network for the monitoring of equine disease epidemics in Europe, based on a network of Veterinary Sentinels (VS). Active since 1999, the value of RESPE’s work is recognised at local level among practising vets, as well as at regional, national and international level among all those in the equine industry and those managing health initiatives for the species. RESPE, originating from the voluntary work of the “Infectious and Parasitic Diseases” Commission of the French Equine Veterinary Association (AVEF), became an independent network (and not-for-profit organisation) on 8th April 2008, for health monitoring and warnings on equine diseases, uniting the whole industry and acting at its service.

Four Aims:

1) To monitor from a health perspective equine diseases, in particular those that are highly contagious, that can cause significant economic losses or pose a danger to public health. This monitoring is performed by four sub-networks:

- “Acute Equine Respiratory Syndrome”
- “Equine Atypical Myopathy”
- “Neurological Disease”
- “Abortion”

2) Developing a network of veterinary skills enables the rapid collection of epidemiological data and its distribution throughout the industry

3) Warn health officials, care professionals and public authorities where necessary

4) Manage health crises excluding notifiable diseases through a warning network and the establishment of a crisis unit.


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