• Putting candidates in touch with employers
  • Searching for suitable candidates
  • Distributing information
  • Offering personal advice
  • Observatory 

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The 3 key strengths
1The only service of its kind in France
2Responding to employment offers and requests
3Work Experience – Employment - Training - Career - Observatory

Equi-ressources is the only information and services platform fully dedicated to bringing together those offering jobs and training in the equine industry and those seeking opportunities.

At the same time, équi-ressources is developing, so that it can carry out an additional mission entrusted to it by partners in the project, in this case setting up a careers, employment and training observatory, which will make use of the data produced by équi-ressources.

1/ Employment and training-related tasks

• Gather job opportunities through an advisory role with employers
• Respond to requests for work, meeting and advising people

2/ Career- and training-related tasks

• Providing information about careers in the equine industry, keeping reference works up to date
• Providing information about specialist equine-industry training to school pupils and students, job-seekers and professionals
• Updating lists of training providers

3/ Observatory-related tasks

• Setting up and running an employment, careers and training observatory for the industry, working closely with those involved as well as public and private sector partners
• Producing indicators


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