Université de Caen


  • 50 hours of training over a 5-month period
  • Choice of modules for each 1-month period
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Supervision by a lecturer in English with expert knowledge of the equine world
  • 9 themed sequences + 1 assessment sequence
  • 1000-word glossary 

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The 3 key strengths
1Flexible, interactive training course
2Suitable for all
3Learning support

At the Innovation Awards at the Salon du Cheval tradeshow, The University of Caen and the Pôle had the opportunity to present their new "Equi-Learning" training course.

The University of Caen, in partnership with Pôle Hippolia, is launching a new training course aimed at professionals in the equine industry wishing to improve their skills and knowledge of English vocabulary from the world of horses: Equi-Learning.

What makes this course different is that it uses distance learning and is thus available 24/7, overcoming geographical and time constraints.

This course is for both amateurs and professionals in the equine industry:

- companies and staff
- individuals
- job-seekers
- breeders, riders, trainers and farriers

This is a 5-month training course: learn at your own pace through the teaching platform.

Choose from 9 modules:

- Horse Anatomy
- Horse Breeding
- Equine Pathology
- General Care and Feeding
- Tack and Equipment
- Equestrian Disciplines
- The World of Races
- Equestrian Facilities
- Buying, Selling and Negotiating: Horse Trading

The equi-learning educational platform provides access to a new type of learning space packed with features: modules and multimedia resources, self-assessment exercises, tutorials and support, a forum and chat, etc.


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