• Service available throughout Europe
  • Rent by the day, week or month
  • Availability updated in real time
  • Only Théault vehicles under 5 years old are used
  • Booking system available 24/7
  • No commission is paid to Théault for renting

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    The 3 key strengths
    1Easy to use
    2Updated in real time
    3Recent Théault vehicle rental service

    Renteo is a concept that aims to develop horseboxrental and make it more flexible. Its web-based booking platform for Théault vehicles simply puts owners with horseboxes to hire in touch with people looking to rent, whether private individuals or professionals.

    The website is very easy to use and allows users to rent a Théault horsebox quickly and locally. Availability is updated in real time when a booking is made, or by dealers, making it easy for the potential renter to choose the right dates.

    Are you a horse owner looking to rent a horsebox to transport your horses in complete safety? You can trust Renteo! Thanks to its extensive network, you can rent a high-quality Théault horsebox from a Renteo near you. Simply choose the dates you want to rent.

    If you are already the lucky owner of a Théault horsebox and would like to earn some extra money from it, Renteo is ideal for you! From your personal area on the website, manage your own adverts, personal information and the dates your horsebox is available.


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      Renteo is a concept that aims to develop horseboxrental and make it more...